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Modius Sleep

Non-Invasive neurostimulation designed to help with your sleep management.

Only 30 minutes per day

Significant improvements in sleep *

Positive impact on sleep patterns *

FDA Medical 510K pending

Please Note: USA customers’ will require a doctor’s prescription prior to purchase

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Customer Testimonials

  • "I had a better quality sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and feeling like I had a proper nights sleep, which fed through to a better mood during the day."


  • "After using the headset I found it so much easier to fall asleep. My head would hit the pillow and I would be out. The next day I would be up and ready to go, which I wasn’t used to."


Modius SLEEP is
already changing lives

We conducted a 30-day study with adults who self-reported sleep difficulties and after using Modius SLEEP we found that:

95% of participants improved their overall Sleep Score;

85% were more satisfied with their sleep pattern;

75% reported positive impact on their daily functioning.

We were delighted that the Modius SLEEP technology had impacted their lives so significantly in just 30 days. Watch some of their sleep stories below…

* BMJ Journals: Mckeown J, Goothy SSK, P050 Modulation of sleep using electrical vestibular nerve stimulation prior to sleep onset.

BMJ Open Respiratory Research, 2019
Modius Sleep
Modius Sleep

Modius Sleep FAQs

Who is Modius Sleep for?

Modius Sleep is for anyone who has difficulty sleeping – whether you are someone who has trouble getting to sleep, wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep again, or constantly feel that you’re not getting enough sleep.

9 million Americans and 20% of the world population use sleep medications, drugs or alternative products to manage their sleep. Modius Sleep is a drug-free alternative that will positively influence the body’s circadian rhythm rather than simply masking the problem.

How does Modius Sleep work?

Modius Sleep works by sending a safe electrical pulse into the vestibular nerve, influencing the areas of the hypothalamus and brain stem that control circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. We fully expect you to be delighted with the results and want to keep your Modius Sleep headset. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you have 28 days from the date you receive your headset to request a full refund.

Do you wear Modius Sleep in bed?

No, Modius Sleep should be worn in the evening before bed, ideally as you are starting to wind down for the night. It is not intended to be worn in bed.

Will I still need to use sleep medication?

We would expect that you should be able to reduce your reliance on sleep medication, and hopefully in time not require any other sedatives or tablets to be able to achieve a good night’s sleep.

How soon can I expect to notice the benefits of Modius Sleep?

Some people may notice improvements in their sleep from as early as the first night or two. However, for others it will take longer – and there will be some people who’s sleep will initially be more interrupted before it starts to improve. This is perfectly normal and it’s worth persevering whilst the body adjusts to the vestibular stimulation.

If you find your sleep initially worse when starting to use the headset, we would recommend changing the time of day that you use it, so perhaps trying to run your session earlier in the day.

Can Modius Sleep help with jetlag?

The headset is not being marketed as a cure for jetlag. However, we believe there could be a positive influence on circadian rhythm, given the areas in the brain that are being stimulated.